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Our Volunteer Program is an opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience - living at the Ayui Foundation and spending the day doing activities and playing games with hilltribe children, (Kindergarten, Primary school and high school students) helping them to practice basic English. This is perfect for university students who want to take a Gap year and do something meaningful that will also stand out on your CV, if you want to take a break from your office job or take a sabbatical, or if you are retired but still want to be useful and do something rewarding. As a volunteer here, you will gain new skills, make new friends and learn about a minority culture in the beautiful, northern-most province of Thailand - Chiang Rai. You can volunteer for just 1 week, or for up to 4 weeks. The Ayui Foundation has been open since 2007 and houses 30 disadvantaged Akha hilltribe students. We support their education and preservation of their traditional culture. 20 girls live at the Girls Home and 10 boys live at the Boys Home, supervised by Akha staff. See www.ayuifoundation.org to learn more about us.





We require a program fee from our volunteers to help cover the costs involved with meals, accommodation, providing full support and coordinating the program. The cost of participation in this Volunteer Program for 1 week is 14,000 baht (2,000B/day). Each additional week costs 2,000B to mainly cover your food and accommodation costs... so to volunteer for 2 weeks will cost 16,000B.


A non-refundable deposit of B10,000 is needed to secure your placement. Deposit payment must be made at least 2 weeks before your intended start date and the balance is to be paid one day before your arrival. Please note that you cannot start the volunteer program until the balance has been paid in full. We reserve the right to postpone or cancel the placement if documents are not supplied in time or are incomplete.

Why should I pay to volunteer?

As much as we love having volunteers, hosting them costs us money. The money we receive is used to look after you during your stay. The cost breakdown, in percentage, is:
Accommodation 32%
Transport 20%
Food 25%
Field staff 15%
Administration 5%
Teaching materials 3%

What visa should I get?

We do not support applications for volunteer visas (Non-Immigrant) as they are for 3 months, minimum, and the volunteer program is only for 4 weeks, maximum. Please do not refer to volunteering when applying for a visa to visit Thailand, as this can cause delays. Your visa options depend on your length of stay:
1. Visa on Arrival – Nationals from countries which are on Thailand’s Tourist Visa Exemption list or have bilateral agreements on visa exemptions with Thailand will be permitted to stay for a period of 14, 30, or 90 days.
2. Tourist visa – usually valid for a stay of 60 days, and can be extended for another 30 days.

How to get to Chiang Rai?

From Bangkok – a short 45-minute flight to Chiang Rai Airport or a 12-hr bus ride from Mor Chit Bus Station. (It is recommended to purchase a bus ticket a day in advance)
From Chiang Mai – a 3 and a half hour bus ride, departing from Arcade Bus Station. It is recommended to purchase a bus ticket a day in advance because the first bus leaves around 7am and is usually booked out from the day before.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. You should have travel insurance that covers accidents, medical treatment and emergency cancellation of your trip. If you pay for your flight by credit card, it may be included. Bring a copy of your insurance policy with you and leave a hard copy at home.


Our Volunteer Program coordinator can help you arrange tours, transport, accommodation, English-speaking guides and rental scooters/motorbikes for your free time, or after your volunteer experience. Chiang Rai has many places of interest and beautiful sights to see, such as the 70m Khun Korn waterfall, Pong Prabat or Pa Sert hot springs, the Blue Temple, the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun), the Emerald Buddha temple, Tham Luang Cave (where the 12 boys got trapped in 2018), Chui Fong tea plantation, or Ruammit Elephant Camp for elephant rides or see them in their natural habitat at Elephant Steps Chiang Rai or Elephant Peace Project. Usually, the guide or driver will set a tour schedule and price for a half-day or whole day trip, depending on the distance to each place you want to visit.


Wat Rong khun


Walking street


Night Bazaar


Wat Rong Suea Ten